no full show today欧美人与动人物牲交免费观看

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no full show today欧美人与动人物牲交免费观看

It was just before six in the afternoon when Eddie backed his big blue F-250 pickup into the spot at the far end of the parking lot at Tinderwood Apartments. He could see the red Toyota, with New Jersey tags, clearly from where he sat. For three days in a row he’d gotten off work at five, jumped in his pickup and hauled ass down Broad St. to the apartment complex in hopes of seeing the blonde from Jersey again. Ten days earlier he’d seen the little red Corolla pull out onto Broad with the tall blonde behind the wheel. Always one to admire the ladies from his elevated view, he eased up beside her at the next stoplight hoping to catch a good leg shot. He was shocked and pleasantly surprised to see the gorgeous blonde behind the wheel, wearing a short flowered sundress, legs spread and her light brownish-blonde bush clearly visible. He’d quickly grabbed his phone and videoed the amazing site. He continued to click pictures at the next light and it was obvious she knew he was looking AND videoing. He figured if she didn’t mind showing him her hairy twat then maybe she wouldn’t mind sharing it with him. He waited.He wondered if he was wasting his time sitting there. He’d pulled into this same spot at 5:45 for the last two days and waited almost 90 minutes each day, hoping to get a peek at the tall blonde. He’d seen some damn fine looking girls walking to and from the apartment complex, but he was only looking for one girl; the blonde in the red Toyota. He kept looking down at his phone, watching the video and admiring the pics he’d shot of her hairy bush sitting at the light. He prayed she’d show up, although he still wasn’t sure what he’d do if she did. Eddie reached down and straightened out his hardening cock. He couldn’t watch the video without getting stiff. 6:30. “What the fuck am I doing sitting here wasting my time,” Eddie muttered to himself. “15 more minutes and I’m outta here”. No sooner than the last word slipped out that she appeared. She was bouncing down the steps from the second floor apartment, hair pulled back into a ponytail, white tank top, and blue jean skirt. She quickly made her way to the red Toyota, jumped inside and fired it up. Parked two rows back, Eddie could hear her radio blaring away. He cranked the Ford to follow her out. He had no idea how all of this was going to go down but he knew he had to see her again, and this time meet her.Sara whipped Red out onto Broad and headed east towards the shopping center. Even though the grocery store and drugstore were only two miles away, it would take 10 minutes. Traffic on Broad St. was always a bitch. She eased into the center land and was going over the grocery list in her head, when she noticed the big blue pickup coming up behind her. It moved into the right lane and eased up beside her as the light changed. ”I wonder if that’s the country boy from last week” Sara asked herself. Thinking back on the show she’d given him a few days, she glanced down at her skirt. As usual, it had ridden up. How could it possibly not, with her long legs in that small car. However today she was wearing a pair of white lace thongs that were barely visible. “Sorry country boy, no full show today,” she said to herself.Eddie saw the traffic slow for the red light and eased into the right lane to pull up beside the Toyota. “Stay calm, Eddie boy, stay calm. Introduce yourself and tell her you’d like to get together,” Eddie said to himself as he pulled alongside. Looking over, there she was, the girl of his dreams. He thought see might be looking in his direction, but all he could see was her long tan legs, and a little bit of white panties at the edge of her jean skirt. His eyes moved up the white tank-top, tight over her tits, to her face. She was looking straight at him, smiling. Now finally, Eddie had his chance.Eddie smiled back. “Hey there, I’m umm, umm, Eddie. Can we, umm, get together, and, umm, talk?” he stuttered.Sara almost laughed out loud listening to his nervous question, especially with his heavy southern accent. “Follow me.,” she yelled. The light turned and she sped forward.Eddie whipped in behind her to follow. “You fucking dumbass. You sounded like a complete fucking idiot!” berating himself. “How fucking stupid can you be?” They headed east on Broad St. Eddie had no idea where she was going just that she said to follow her. He was nervous as a cat and thankfully that was making his erection ease up some. He could not get the thought of those gorgeous long legs out of his mind.A couple lights further down Broad, Sara pulled into the right land and turned into the shopping center. Eddie followed. She made her way to the grocery store lot and pulled into a spot. Eddie followed and pulled into the spot on her right. He glanced over at Sara as he swung open the door and immediately his jeans started to tighten again. “Oh my god, she’s beautiful,” he thought.He squatted down. “Howdy, my name’s Eddie. I saw you the other day and just had to meet you. I hope I didn’t scare ya.”Sara laughed, “No, not at all. Nice to meet you, Eddie.”Eddie’s nervousness was easing as his erection grew, but thankfully he was kneeling, looking in the passenger window as they talked. “Excuse me for being blunt but you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and when I saw you at the light, them legs, that long blonde hair, I just knew I had to meet ya.” Eddie had grown up on a farm east of Richmond and his southern accent was heavy. He was just over six foot, brown hair, strong but lean, and most people would consider him handsome. His construction job left him tanned and looking rugged….and Sara liked what she saw.“Yes, I remember you from the other day. I didn’t mean to shock you,” Sara said laughingly. “Oh and by the way, I’m Sara. Listen, I have to pick up a few things in the store, want to come in with me? We can talk while I shop.”“Well, sure, let me lock my truck.” When Eddie stood up to turn and lock his truck, Sara noticed the bulge in his jeans and smiled to herself. “Damn, he’s cute,” she thought.They made small talk walking the aisles, Eddie pushing the cart, and Sara tossing in items. Eddie was starting to like this girl, and she seemed receptive to his flirtatious comments. “Do you like broccoli?” Sara asked.“Sara, I was born and raised on a farm in the country, we ate whatever momma put in front of us. I eat everything.”Sara smiled, “Oh, you do, do you? And you’re a farm boy too?” Eddie blushed, then went on talking about growing up on the farm, baling hay, cutting corn, raising cattle. The more he talked, the more comfortable he became, and the more Sara was attracted to this down to earth country farm boy. They checked out and headed towards their vehicles. Halfway there, Sara’s Jersey girl assertiveness kicked in. She stopped. “Look, I barely know you but you seem like a really nice guy. Would you like to come back to my apartment for dinner?”“Well, yeah, sure,” stammered Eddie. He grabbed the groceries and put them in her trunk. “I’ll follow you.”Sara laughed, “You already know where you’re going,” shaking her finger at him.“Yeah, I do.”Fifteen minutes later they were walking into her apartment. Lauren, studying in her bedroom, heard their voices and walked down the hall towards the kitchen. “Hey.”Sara turned, “Hi sis, this is my friend Eddie. Eddie, this is my little sister Lauren. We met at the grocery store and I invited him back for dinner.”“Howdy ma’am,” said Eddie as he tipped his baseball cap, and the girls erupted in laughter. Eddie blushed again, “I’m sorry, my momma taught me to call all ladies ma’am, just my old southern good manners.” Sara became more smitten with every word he spoke.“Lauren, it’s my turn to cook dinner so I’ll call you when it’s ready. I’m sure you have studying to do.”Lauren could take a hint. Get out of here and leave us alone was what she was really saying. “Yeah, it’s only the first month of school and I am sooo far behind,宅男影院” Lauren mumbled as she headed back down the hall.Sara and Eddie worked in the kitchen preparing dinner, laughing and sipping their beers. Sara didn’t drink often and with each sip, she was getting more relaxed…and horny. Eddie pulled the rice off the burner and sat it on the counter, as he rambled on telling stories of his softball team. Suddenly Sara could take no more, grabbed him and kissed him hard. Eddie wrapped his arms around her, kissing her, then pushed her back, “Now, don’t burn the chicken.”Sara cracked up, “Oh, you dick! Get out of my way and let me get the damn chicken.” They both laughed and Eddie grabbed her ass as she bent over the oven. “No dessert for you country boy until you eat your dinner,” Sara snapped back, smiling.Sara yelled down the hall for Lauren and they all sat down for dinner. Eddie went on with his softball team exploits and farm life stories, keeping the girls laughing the entire time. Lauren watched Sara and could tell she had the hots for this country boy. Lauren finished first and starting putting away the leftovers and putting dishes in the dishwasher. “You two go relax, I’ll clean up,” said Lauren.Eddie and Sara flopped down on the sofa. “So, I’ve gotta ask, do you always drive around in a short skirt flashing anybody that can see?”Sara blushed slightly, “No, not everybody, just the cute ones,” she said with a smile. “Look. I was driving back to Jersey a few weeks ago, not paying attention to my skirt, and didn’t realize I had my legs spread, and was giving the truckers a good show until they started blowing their horns at me.” Sara was not about to go into the whole story of the trucker, Cliff, filming her masturbating in stopped traffic on 95, the blackmailing and the sex. “After I thought about it, it kind of turned me on. So yes, I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, and I do like to flash truckers. And of course cute country boys in big pickups,” she said with a smile.Eddie pulled Sara closer and kissed her, moving his hand to her breasts. She reciprocated by moving her hand up his leg to his crotch. She could feel his manhood growing and, unzipping his jeans, pulled out his cock. Eddie watched as she backed away from him, dropped to the floor between his legs, and stroked his cock. She gently licked the head with her tongue and slowly slipped it between her lips. She slid her head further down, taking in his full cock. He was not nearly as big as Cliff’s eight inch cock but she didn’t care, she wanted him bad. Eddie had never felt such pleasure and laid his head back to enjoy it to the fullest. He could feel his balls tightening. Sara could also tell he was about to erupt and she stood, grabbing his hand, and pulled him up from the sofa. “Come with me.” Eddie stood, fumbled with his jeans and followed her down the hall into her bedroom. Sara was already down to just her panties when he entered, and he slid out of his jeans as her thongs hit the floor.Sara wasted no time as she threw back the sheets and lay on her back, legs spread wide. “Come here country boy,” she whispered. Eddie was still rock hard and dropped between her legs. He parted her thick bush with his fingers and spread her wet pussy lips with his tongue. He moved his tongue from her clit down and inside as far as he could go. Sara was moaning as he nibbled her clit and slid two fingers in and out of her juicy cunt. He slid his tongue further up her tight, tanned belly and took her right nipple is his mouth, all while fingering her pussy. He tongued around and around then nibbled on her erect nipple. Sara jumped with pleasure. Pulling his fingers from her cunt, he moved up, positioning the head of his cock at her entrance. With one slight move forward, he was in. He kissed her deeply as he slowly worked his cock further into her and started his smooth in and out rhythm. Sara met his every inward push, thrusting her hips against him. She’d been fucked by several guys last week on the bus when they met up with Marcus, but that’s just what it was, a fuck. She was now making love to Eddie and it was a pleasure she had never experienced before. Eddie picked up the pace, pounding harder and deeper, and finally Sara could take no more. She moaned deep and then screamed out as her orgasm sent shockwaves through her whole body. That was all it took for Eddie, and his balls erupted. He groaned as he buried all of his cock deep inside her and the last drop of his cum dribbled into her throbbing cunt.They kissed gently then Eddie rolled off beside her onto his back, his cock plopping out of her honey hole. Sara rolled onto her side and slid her leg over his legs. Exhausted they both drifted off to sleep. Lauren smiled as she heard the screams of pleasure coming from the bedroom across the hall. Thoughts of a good fucking filled her mind when suddenly she was snapped back to reality by her cell phone ringing. Looking down, she saw it was Cliff and she let it ring. “Oh no, not tonight Cliff, not tonight.”Cliff cussed as Lauren’s phone rang and rang without an answer. He’d already called Sara and it went straight to voicemail. “Dammit,” Cliff cussed to himself, “don’t make me do it. Don’t make me post these videos.” He slapped the steering wheel on the big Kenworth. He was heading north on 95, an hour below Richmond, and he was hoping to get laid by one of his hot little Jersey college girls on his way through. He’d blackmailed Sara and forced her to have sex with him. He had four or five different videos of both of them fucking him and his old high school buddy, Marcus. He punched Sara’s number again, straight to voicemail. “God dammit Sara, you better answer the fucking phone when I call you. Call me back. NOW!” he yelled. “I will post these god damn videos online. Then what the fuck you gonna do. Huh? Don’t fuck with me Sara. CALL ME BACK!”He had played nice with the Jersey girls and their mother, Grace, up until now, but now he was pissed. “That’s it. I’ll give momma a call and meet her in Jersey in the morning. Break off a little morning wood in her ass!” Cliff laughed out loud and hit Grace’s number. He had videos of fucking her too and just last week had forced Sara to give him her number. The phone rang in Cliff’s ear, “One ringy dingy. Two ringy dingys. Three ringy dingys,” he said in his best Lilly Tomlin voice. He pictured the 43 year mother naked in his sleeper, flat on her back, reddish-blonde hair, pale skin, 34C still-firm titties, and her legs spread wide, exposing her bright red bush.Grace was gathering up the dinner dishes when the phone rang. She sat them in the sink and walked to the bar to grab her phone. “Hello.” “Hi Grace, how ya doing girl? It’s me, your trucker buddy, Cliff.” Not giving Grace a chance to respond, he said, “Listen up now, I’m coming up 95 through Hoboken in the morning and I’d like to meet up with ya. OK?”Grace stepped away from the bar and headed to the back deck. “Well, I’m not sure. I’m supposed to meet a frie….”“Well cancel whatever the hell it is you’re doing,” interrupted Cliff. “I’ll be coming through about 9:00. I’ll call you at 8:00 and arrange a meeting place. And you god damn well better be there. Do you understand?”The thoughts of the videos of her girls raced through Grace’s mind, and she feared he may have her on video as well. “Yes. OK, I’ll meet you.”“I’ll call you at 8:00 and you better answer the damn phone. You got it? DO YOU?” he yelled.“Yes, I understand,” and with that Grace hung up the phone.Still pissed but laughing now, Cliff reached down and rubbed his cock. He thought back to the day he’d fucked Lauren and Grace in his sleeper. His buddy Marcus had crawled into the cab unbeknownst to either one and fucked them both as well. He envisioned his cock slamming in and out of her bright red bush. “Oh Gracie girl, I am gonna tear your ass up in the morning!”Cliff reached over, cranked up the radio, and motored north on 95, singing along to the radio at the top of his lungs. His mood had improved dramatically thinking of Grace. “See ya in the morning, Gracie girl, see ya in the morning!

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