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brown hair让少妇高潮无乱码高清在线观看

I gave notice at work today. My boss knew it was coming. He is sorry to see me go, but I don’t need to work anymore, and I need a change anyway. Today I got the check. My wife was killed as a result of a mix up with a pharmaceutical company. They made a terrible mistake in the manufacturing process, and tainted pills got out. It wasn’t many, and they caught it early. But not early enough to save my wife and six others. We all got large settlements on the condition that we not talk about. After the lawyer’s cut, I got 1.75 million dollars. I’d rather have my wife, but no one asked.I was just back from lunch, and my floor was empty. There were only a handful with offices up here. Some were on their day off, some were still at lunch, and the rest were working on the floor, taking care of business. I was just waking up my computer when Mindy walked in.Mindy is in her 30s, brown hair, brown eyes, nice figure, C-cups boobs. I’ve always thought she was hot. She barely knew I existed. I could count on one hand, in the ten years we had worked together that she had been in my office. Granted she had no reason to be on this side of the building, which made her visit odd.“I heard you gave your notice”It was common knowledge what happened to my wife, and everyone pretty much guessed that I had gotten a large chunk of change. I hadn’t said much about it, but mighty oaks grow from little acorns. I answered back and she made small talk for about a minute, but it was obvious she wanted something. I had a feeling I knew what.“I need $30,000” Mindy askedSo it starts. I went into a speech that I had actually rehearsed that I was not going to give money away or invest it with anyone. This was blood money and I was going to use it live the life my wife would have wanted me to. That was basically bullshit, but I was hoping the implied sentiment in it would keep people at bay.Mindy started to get emotional and blurted out.“Please, I’m desperate. I have to have the money”OK. I’ll bite. “Why?” I askedShe got quieter and said that she couldn’t tell me. Yeah, that was going to work. I’m going to start giving away money to every pretty face that asks for it, just because.“Well, in that case, No”“Please, I’m begging. I’ll do anything. I have to have $30,000 in a week”“If you will do anything, how about starting with telling me exactly why.”“I can’t. I could go to jail” Perfect what is she trying to drag me into.“Look, I don’t want any part of anything illegal. I’ve probably heard too much already. Let’s just pretend like you were never here”“No! You wouldn’t be in any trouble. I’m the one…” and then she stopped, figuring she said too much.“OK, give. Tell me what the hell is going on, or leave.” I was curious and a tiny voice was whispering in my ear.“I took $30,000 from John’s church building fund and the audit is in about a week. He’s Treasurer and you can probably figure it out from there”I could. John is Mindy’s boyfriend/fiancé. In today’s complicated world they were not married, but had just bought a house together. They were as good as married, but it would likely be even more complicated than normal should they break up. Add in that she had evidently stolen church money using her boyfriend’s name and not only was she in legal trouble, but her relationship would end too.“So, let me get this straight. You stole 30 large from the church and you want me to pay for your theft. I’ll be out the money and you will be scot free? What the hell did you do with thirty grand anyway?”“Central City. I think I have a problem”“Really? You think?” Central City is one of three places in Colorado where gambling is legal. I think I now knew all I needed or wanted to.“Will you give me the money?”“Take off your cloths” I said. It was out before I could stop myself. But as the words came out, I realized I had nothing to lose. I was quitting this job. I had enough money, if I invested it wisely, to live on, and if she ended up giving in, I would get something I hadn’t had since my wife died. I expected her to just say no, call me a name and walk out. Mindy had a reputation as being a bit of a bitch. But she just stood there, either stunned or thinking.“If I take off my cloths for you, you will give me the money?”She was desperate.“No, but you can see the direction this is going”“Fuck you! You pervert! I’m not sleeping with you! Not for any amount of money. I’m not a whore!”Well that was more like it. She stomped off and I thought about it the whole rest of the day. I was more than half expecting a call from my boss or HR. But it never came. Maybe she didn’t say anything to anyone. That meant she was thinking about it and so was I. By the end of the day I had my plan, in case she came back. In the ensuing days Mindy at first just glared at me when we passed each other. Then she would avert her gaze like she hadn’t noticed me. By the sixth day,再深点灬舒服灬太大了小说 I didn’t see her at all. Five PM on the sixth day I see Mindy approaching my office. Before she gets in the door I stop her by saying“If you’re here to talk about $30,000, then you just stop and listen. I was deeply offended by being called a pervert. So I figure I am due an apology and you have some punishment coming before we discuss anything”“I’m sor…” she started to say.“Shut up. I’m going to pick both the punishment and the apology. You just take your ass over to Wal-Mart and bring me a ping-pong paddle. Then when you get back, you better be butt naked when you walk into my office.”“Wha..What are you going to do?“I can’t hear you. Now move your ass. It’s five o clock and I want to go home like everyone else. I’m leaving in 30 minutes, and I might not be in at all tomorrow. Short timer’s disease”She just stood there.“Clock’s ticking”Then she turned away without saying a word. I would have my answer in 30 minutes. Either I was going to get a sex slave or she would turn her self in. It was worth the wait to get the answer.25 minutes later Mindy is back in my hall, fully clothed, but carrying a Wal-Mart sack. She walked up and down the hall checking to make sure we were alone and then to my delight she started to strip in the hall outside my window. Her blouse and skirt came off first. She was wearing no hose on those gorgeous legs of hers. She had a matching underwire bra that came off next, showing be the tits I had been ogling for the last decade. The nipples were protruding and pink. She turned away from me quickly, showing me her shapely ass by default. Mindy has a perfect heart shaped ass that she kept toned with regular trips to the gym. I always liked when she wore knit pants or jeans, as they hugged her curves so well. Now her thong panties were showing me more of them then I had ever seen. “Leave the shoes on” I said. She was wearing heels today; I loved the way they made her legs and ass look. She put one hand across her chest and the other covering her bush. Then she said in a calm and sincere voice.“I’m sorry for what I called you. Can we please talk business now?”“First, I’m glad that you noticed that this is a transaction. Second, I told you, I pick the apology. Words are not going to be enough. But first we need to get punishment out of the way. Give me the bag”She handed it over revealing in the process that her bush matched her brown hair and was neatly trimmed. I took the paddle out of the bag and then out of the package.“Lean over my desk, with your hands directly under your forehead, and your forehead on the edge of the desk. I want those boobs dangling and I want to see that pussy of yours when you bend over”“Please, can’t we talk about this first? This is happening too fast.”“Bend over the desk, take your punishment, or leave. The choice is yours”She had made the choice when she went to get the paddle. She knew what was coming then, and she was just stalling.“Fine, I’m going home. Tell John and the auditors I said hi”With that she bent over my desk and I got to see Mindy’s most private areas. She was quivering and I decided to get started with a bang. I drew back and gave her a forceful swat. She screamed as her ass gave to the paddle and it immediately started turning red.She came up. I said“Scream loud enough and you’ll draw the night watchman. You can explain what’s going on while I go home. Now bend back over. I’m tired of this stalling and bullshit”She did as she was told and in quick succession I hit the same ass cheek four more times. Not quite as hard as before, and slow enough so I could still see her ass give to the paddle and then spring back, each swat adding more color to her shapely ass. She had only grunted and squirmed with each swat, but when I paused she quickly asked if we were done. I told her to stop talking and I would tell her when we were done. I worked her other cheek the same way and after a total of ten swings her ass was red and complaining.“Get up” She did so, and reached back to rub her very red butt. “Now for your apology. I think I’ll take a few minutes with those delicious looking tits and then you can give me the best blow job I have ever had. Don’t forget to swallow”She started to tear up a bit.“Knock it off. This is your own doing. Think of it as penance for your theft. You stole from the church, breaking a trust with them, and John. And for what? So you could gamble. Bring those tits over here”She walked over and to where I had sat down in my chair.‘Put your hands behind your head, and don’t you dare pull back”Then I proceeded to maul her fleshy globes. She was past prime and there was some sag, but not a lot and them were still plenty firm. I squeezed them, pushed them together, licked them, sucked the nipples, lightly bit the nipples, twisted them, and blew on them until they were hard. Then I started over and did it some more. God, I was hard. I reached back and grabbed her ass and pulled her in close to bury my face in them. I heard her wince as her sore ass was squeezed, but she did not pull away. After another minute, I could take no more, and I pushed her back and undid my pants, pulled down my underwear and unveiled my cock. I sat back down.“The best I have ever had” I reminded.And she went to work. She had done this before. She varied her tempo, but was always going up and down. She periodically tried to throat it all, and eventually succeeded. Her tongue was always on the underside providing pressure. The whole time I had one hand on the back of her head, and the other mauling her tits and tweaking her nipples. I knew I wasn’t going to last long as it had been months since I had sex.“Here it comes” I announced and applied downward pressure to Mindy’s head. With that I came like I hadn’t since I was a kid. It felt like gun fire coming out of there.Mindy was doing her best to swallow.But, I’m guessing that she doesn’t “let” John or any of her past johns cum in her mouth, she was not in practice. After a bit of sputtering and gaging however, the deed was done and she got off her knees.“Are we done?”“Sure, was there something you wanted to talk about?”


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