a boy and a girl人妻无码一区二区三区

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a boy and a girl人妻无码一区二区三区

Please Read The First 3 Before This OneI Caught Mom, Or Did She Catch Me 4“It all started about a year ago when you two were about to turn 12. Your sister always had a certain edge to her. It’s hard to describe, but it’s as if she needs to be in control of everything all the time. You think you already know, but it goes much deeper than what you’ve seen so far.I also started to notice that your sister tended to spy on your mother and I when we would make love. I shrugged it off as curiosity and tried to ignore it. This was clearly a mistake, because it became worse and started to occur more often. After a while she began to look at your mother with disgust and felt like she should be the woman of the house. I only know this because after she blackmailed me she told me everything. I woke up one morning to find that something was bobbing up and down under my blanket. After my mind cleared from the grogginess of sleep I realized that I was getting a blowjob. I naturally assumed it was your mother so I did nothing at first, but it felt different and the mouth felt less experienced than what I was used to. I decided to remove the blanket and who else would I see staring at me, but your sister Lydia. I stopped her immediately and told her to go to her room while I thought of a punishment. She told me she didn’t think so and began to stroke it again. ‘Mommy is here daddy and unless you want to go to jail for forcing your daughter to suck your big cock I think you should just let me finish’And that is how it all started son. She’s been using me to get her way, to teach her everything about sex, and to basically dominate this family at the head. She made me stop making love to your mother and pretend to go to church while in reality I was just going out and buying whatever she asked for. She has been in full control for over a year now”I sunk into the front seat of our car, baffled at what I had just heard. Did it even make sense? How could this have happened? Is Lydia that much smarter than me? These thoughts continued to rumble through my head as I came up with a plan. As he finished his story, we pulled back up into our driveway.I walked into our room, scared of what might become of me if I made any wrong move at all. I couldn’t let her know that dad had told me everything about her, but what if she already knew? What if she demanded that he tell me so she could see my reaction? I couldn’t be sure how deep the rabbit hole was, so I just decided not to talk to her. She watched with an evil smirk as I just fell into my bed. That smirk was burned into my brain as I tried to drift off into sleep. After about an hour of just lying there and clearing my head, I came to an obvious conclusion, one of them is clearly lying.I heard the shower in out bathroom turn on and it snapped me back into reality. She was in the shower and had not even bothered to lock the door. The Nerve! I wanted to teach her a lesson and relieve my own stress in one action, so I quickly disrobed and walked into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me.“Leave me alone daddy!” She screamed as if she was actually scared. I shrugged it off and told her it was me not him.“Oh Eric what are you doing in here? I’m trying to wash myself I feel so dirty like his cock is still all the way inside of me” she said quite convincingly. I just moved the shower curtain and stepped in and the moment I saw her, my cock grew to full attention. She tried to say something, but I immediately grabbed the back of her head and forced my tongue into her mouth, she protested at first, but slowly began to accept it as my hands started to slide down her perfect soapy body. I don’t think I could ever see her as my sister anymore; I liken her more to a fucktoy or something to be used for my entertainment. One of my hands slid down to her B cup breasts and started to play with her nipple as it caressed her tit. The other strayed further down to her newly used sex. I played with her clit for a while until she went stiff and had a mini orgasm.After that I quickly left the shower and dried off, I waited for her on my bed with no clothes on. She came into the room and was almost startled.“I’m not going to let you fuck me Eric. I’ll tell daddy on you!”“Why don’t you go tell him now? It’s not like he can do anything I am stronger than him. And I am much stronger than you Lyd” I said with a smile even more evil than hers.Panic started to show in her face. She clearly had dad as her trump card, and it wasn’t enough to stop me. When it comes down to it, she really doesn’t have anything on me. After I made that realization I no longer hesitated in my attack.“Get the fuck over here Lyd” I said as I charged toward her and threw her onto her bed. She tried to scream, but I covered her mouth just in time. Dad may not like that he is under her control, but I had the feeling he would still do whatever she said to stay out of jail.With my other hand I ripped off the towel she had and began to maul and ogle over her beautiful body. My cock was still at full attention and I had run out of patience. She tried to kick and fight me off, so I stuffed part of the towel in her mouth and used both hands to hold her body in position and sink every inch of my cock into her hot,性久久久久久 tight cunt. Once I was inside I could hear her screaming through the towel for me to stop, she seemed like she was practically pleading, but I didn’t care. I thrust into her as fast and as hard as I could manage without losing my rhythm. Her pussy was much tighter than my mother’s and I swear it was gripping at me.I ripped the towel out of her mouth and forced my tongue into it. She refused to kiss back at first, but then began to play with my tongue. She was twisting and turning as I pounded at her pelvis with reckless abandon.I had to show once and for all that I was not scared of her and she was not in control, so I pulled out right when I was about to cum. She looked up at me with a destitute face and begged for me to put it back in. “Eric don’t fucking stop I need you to cum in me please” she screamed, but I refused. I pulled her down onto the floor and shoved my cock in front of her face. She had that evil grin again and opened her mouth; little did she know I had other plans for her. The second she opened her mouth I thrust forward and buried my cock all the way into her throat. My balls rested proudly on her chin as I began to rapidly face fuck her. She tried to push me off, and I can only assume she was saying she couldn’t breathe, but I was so close that I didn’t care any longer. I could feel my orgasm approaching. What followed was the largest amount of cum I have ever shot, and it all flew straight into my sister’s mouth and down her throat. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and fell back into my bed. I looked over at her and she was still coughing and trying to catch her breath. She looked at me as if I had wronged her in some way. “You’re the one who wanted to play this power game Lyd” I chuckled as I lay back into my bed. “You think this is a game? What is fun about getting raped by my brother and father over and over?” she said as tears began to fall down her face. “Stop acting like you didn’t blackmail him and set all of this up. I don’t care about your fake tears” I said callously.“Is that what he told you” I heard my mother say as she barged into the door with a serious look on her face. “Do you really believe your father would be controlled by a 13 year old girl when he controls the life of a 30 year old woman down to the finest detail?”“What are you talking about mom? How could he be controlling everything if you’re secretly cheating on him with my math teacher?”“I only fucked him because I was told to. Its time you knew the truth about your father and his sick family. You already know how your father held me down and forced me to get pregnant with you two kids, but what you don’t know is that it all happened in accordance with the Schroeder family tradition. This family is based on inbreeding and domination, your grandmother is your grandfather’s sister, and so on. It has gone on like this since the birth of the family. Your father’s parents were to have two children, a boy and a girl, but they kept conceiving boys. After countless terminations they gave up and told him to pick a woman to dominate and bear the next generation of inbreeds, you two. Your sister is next in line to be used, disgraced, forced to pleasure multiple men, and basically be the slave of her own brother. Is that what you want for your sister Eric?”This all came as a complete shock to me. How in the world did I end up being born into such a messed up family.“So what you’re saying mom, is that I have to choose between joining you two against dad or being the next dominator in line?”“No son”, my father interrupted as he barged in. “It wasn’t time for you to know all of this yet, but the decision has already been made. Join me now in showing your slut mother and sister what happens when they misbehave. I don’t know what I’m going to doTO BE CONTINUED


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